Saint James



The Parish of

St. Peter,

Bushey Heath

June 2017


From the vicar


Jesus promised that his disciples would be reminded of his words and deeds and be taught the truth of them once the Holy Spirit had come in power. As custodians of the Gospel and inheritors of the Apostolic faith Christians know this to be true in every age.


There are many ways of analysing the Gospel and the faith it engenders, but Jesus’ words alluded to above are a good place to start. Story and truth give a firm foundation to the Christian life. It is possible to explore these things through the words of the gospel accounts or through the pictures and images which we see around us when we worship together in church. Another particularly effective way of understanding the meaning of both the story and the truth contained within it is the faithful and holy Christian life. There is no better example of the truth of the Gospel and no better witness to it than a life lived according to the teachings of our Lord and in the power of the Holy Spirit.


A good question therefore for this season in the church’s year would be, ‘How do we get from story and truth to a holy life?’ In order to answer the question I would like to take you back to the comments I made in my April letter about the stained glass windows at St. Peter’s. I ask you to think of those windows which tell a story. The east window tells the story of the crucifixion and introduces us to the truth of all that God has done in Christ; the message of salvation. The west window describes the fruits of the Spirit. The statement the window makes is true at different levels. It is true that St. Paul wrote of these things. It is also a witness to the work of the Spirit who does these things. We are offered facts about St. Paul and the Spirit, but how then do we get to the holiness of life illustrated in the depictions of the saints in some of the other windows?


The east and west windows tell of story and truth, but we also find in them a challenge, and indeed more than a challenge, an imperative. It is impossible to look at these windows (or read the book if you prefer) without having to ask two significant questions. The first is, ‘Who am I?’ The second is, ‘What do you want of me Lord?’ The honest observer is drawn by the word of God into self-examination and commitment. It is only when story is translated into action that the critical move is made towards faith and holiness. It is only when the response of faith is made that there is conversion and salvation.


Story, truth, response, faith, salvation are amongst the themes of Pentecost. Together they constitute the ‘Gospel imperative’ which alone can change lives and bring hope. So the questions again. The first, ‘Who am I?’ The second, ‘What do you want of me Lord?’ And the answer?



‘A Summer’s Evening’

The North London Military Wives Choir

in concert at St. Peter’s

Saturday 10th June, 7.00pm

Tickets (Adults £10 and Under 16s £5) available from the Three Crowns or

by email from




Pray for those who are persecuted for their faith, that all Christians may be free to worship and proclaim that the Lord is risen.



From the registers –



7th May                                    Harry Frederick Rolt


From the diary…


Friday 26th May for nine days              ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ Prayer for the Conversion of England

Wednesday 31st May, 10.00am                        Mass (Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary)


Thursday 1st June, 8.00pm

Holy Hour for the conversion of England

 with exposition of the Blessed Sacrament


Part of the Archbishops’ ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ initiative


Saturday 3rd June, 11.00am                  Forward in Faith (St. Albans) A.G.M.  Mass at 11.00am.



Sunday 4th June

8.00am Said Mass (Book of Common Prayer)

9.30am Parish Mass (Modern rite)


Wednesday 7th May, 10.00am              MU Corporate Communion


The Feast of Corpus Christi

Sunday 18th June

9.30am Parish Mass (Modern rite)

‘types and shadows have their ending, for the newer rite is here’


Wednesday 21st May, 8.00pm              PCC meeting in the Parish Hall


The Feast of St. Peter the Apostle

Sunday 25th June

8.00am Said Mass (Book of Common Prayer)

9.30am Parish Mass (Modern rite)


Thursday 29th June, 12 noon               SSC Chapter mass (all welcome)


Additional Curates Society

Thank you very much to those who sent in Lent collecting boxes after Easter. The total raised in support of ministry in ‘poor and populous parishes’ was £132-58.


Mother and Toddler Group

From September the group will need volunteers to assist with setting out and putting away equipment. If you think you might be able to help please speak to Fr. Andrew


Songs of Praise

Work continues to plan a ‘Songs of Praise’ service at St. Peter’s on Sunday 9th July at 6.30pm. The theme of the service is ‘faith, hope and love’ to include favourite hymns, readings and personal contributions based on the cardinal virtues. There is now only one virtue remaining! If you would like to choose a hymn and talk to the congregation about faith and how it has been significant in your life please speak to Father Andrew.


Contact details:

Vicar: Fr. Andrew Burton SSC, a priest of the Society. (020 8950 1424). Usual day off Monday.

Churchwardens: Mr. Peter Mould (020 8428 8307); Mrs. Anne Swerling (020 8950 8923).


Text a prayer request to our Prayer Line on 07939 379018. Private prayer will be offered for 2 weeks.